quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008

Eu Gostaria de Agradecer...

Hoje achei que não teria nada para postar, daí me deparo com um site onde você pode criar seu discurso o Oscar. Nunca se sabe quando você será indicado ao Oscar então melhor garantir já seu discurso! Eu fiz o meu olha como ficou:

" Wow. Oh boy. I wasn't going to prepare a speech, but my Adopted Child told me I'd jinx myself if I didn't. So, thanks, Orange! [Pause. Inhale deeply. Nod to Jack Nicholson.] I'd like to thank the Academy. I'd like to thank the O, handson, madure actors I was nominated with. Just to be included in a group with you all is an honor. I'd like to thank my manager, michael abraham, my agent, Bryan, my stylist, and all the immensely talented people at Paramount, Harvey Weinstein, José Sanchez, and Abu Sabá.

I'd also like to thank my parents, who supported me through the time when i was a whore and sell my body . And Ronaldinho Gaúcho, my one ... true ... love [gaze into audience]. Last, but certainly not least, we all just lost Britney Spears, a truly an out going girl visionary and party soul. [Begin tearing.] I'd like us to take a moment to ... No! Please! Don't start playing that music, I have 96 more people to go! My editor Jonh Lion, my accountant Leo Perone, my lawyer Paris Hilton, and my personal assistant Annie Louis, Josh at Lobisomen Pictures. Brad Grey. When we started this project, i was stealing channel bags was something no one wanted to talk about. Victims of amy winehouse, this is for you! Thank ... "

Quem não manja de inglês, basicamente é o mesmo discurso que a Globo traduz simultaneamente todos os anos rsrsrs. Mandem o de vocês o mais legal eu publico aqui no blog.

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